2022 Awards Eligibility

Below are my 2022 awards-eligible and published stories. I am so thankful to the magazines and editors that gave all my 2022 stories a home.

Robot Love Story” in Martian Magzine – 100 words

Robot Love Story” is my science fiction drabble-rant full of rage, love and robot yearning. For reference, a drabble is exactly 100 words long.

This drabble began as a poem years ago in my graduate program, and I could never figure it out. Making it a drabble gave it the form and function it needed.

An Old Man Cometh And He Is Overgrown” in Lightspeed Magazine – novelette, 8000 words

This is the grief story of my heart, written during a time when I was processing a deep and unexpected family loss. “An Old Man Cometh And He Is Overgrown” was published in Lightspeed‘s July 2022 issue.

It follows my main character, Cog, as he is summoned home to deal with his necromancer adoptive father, who has ripped his soul into pieces over the death of his partner.

“An Old Man Cometh And He Is Overgrown” was beautifully reviewed by Charles Peyseur in Locus Magazine and is also listed (to my huge surprise) on the Nebula Reading List on the SFWA site.

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For more work published in 2022, check out my Publications & Awards page, where I list links to the issues and/or stories. I’ll add to this list as anything else becomes nominated (maybe? hopefully?), or I realize something is eligible that I have not listed (oops!).

Thanks so much for reading!