2021 Awards Eligibility

By the end of 2021 I will have published nine short stories and flash, including two flash pieces forthcoming in The Conium Review and Martian Magazine in December. Below are my awards-eligible and nominated stories. I am so thankful to the magazines and editors that gave all my 2021 stories a home.

“The Following” in Milk Candy Review

My first eligible story is “The Following,” which was published in the gorgeous Milk Candy Review in April 2021. It’s a flash story about a hole that opens up in Chicago and finding hope in the abyss of loss.

“The Following” was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. To have a flash piece nominated by one of my favorite flash writers, Cathy Ulrich, is an absolute dream.

“Immolatus” in The Deadlands

Next is my Bluebeard retelling, which I wrote years ago and was my ticket into The Deadlands.

Published in Issue 4, “Immolatus” is told from point of view of three of Bluebeard’s dead wives as they plot to save his latest bride. I am immensely grateful to E. Catherine Tobler and Sean Markey for believing in this story, when I wasn’t sure anyone would!

“Immolatus” has been favorably reviewed by Maria Haskins’s roundup in Strange Horizons, Charles Payseur’s Quick Sips, and was also listed as Tor.com’s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for August 2021.

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For more work published in 2021, check out my Publications & Awards page, where I list links to the issues and/or stories. I’ll add to this list as anything else becomes nominated (maybe? hopefully?), or I realize something is eligible that I have not listed (oops!).

Thanks so much for reading!